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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Holiday Hostess

I'm imagining the life of a homemaker in the 1950's. Pristine hair, darling make-up, and an apron for every outfit and every occasion!

A trio of aprons perfect for the holiday hostess! Decorative Instincts presents a classic black and white bib apron. Large floral print is accented with black trim and a black bow.

I couldn't choose just one of Spice Rack Designs retro-chic aprons. Stylish, custom designed aprons are impeccably made and selling like hot cakes! The gingerbread house apron features retro print fabric, red detailing, and accented with pink polka dots.

The vintage rose apron is amongst the most spectacular I've ever seen. Features a lovely double layer, elegant huge bow, charming rose print, and is detailed in pink.

Your guest will be green with envy if you add a timeless apron to your upcoming Holiday gathering!


Vicki @ Nostalgic Collections


Tigermadstanley said...

Oh these aprons are so gorgeous. If I had an elegant apron like the black and white one, or cute like the retro, or just plain delicious like the pink floral, I would wear an apron all the time.
My aprons (which I never wear) seem really boring and frumpy now.
You have exquisite taste.
Stylishly yours,

Erica said...

Very Betty Draper and I love it! It always feels fabulous to look great while cooking amazing food!

Erica said...

Beautiful, and so Betty Draper. I absolutely love these!


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