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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ode to Ellen Von Unwerth

I adore the photography of Ellen von Unwerth. German born photographer brings an edge not typically seen on this side of the pond. I loved Ellen's work for Guess? Jeans in the early 90's and her Absolut Vodka ads have absolutely caught my attention.

Bold, bright, and artistic. Vibrant, stylish, and erotically feminine. Her black and whites are breath-taking. Her foray into the nudes are mesmerizing.

Renowned celebrity photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth can be seen virtually everywhere now. Pick up the latest issue of Vogue, chances are you'll find her work amongst the images that make an impression.


Vicki @Nostalgic Collections
About the Author: Vicki is the founder of Nostalgic Collections, a contributing writer to the Vintage Bulletin, and a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers.
Photo Credits: Ellen Von Unwerth.


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