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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Accessorizing Your Vintage Holiday

I'm of the notion that vintage is for everyone! You've just got to know how to pull it off. The easiest vintage to wear is by far vintage accessories. Not sure where to start? Just say desinger! Go gaga over Givenchy, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel!!

For the vintage newbie, start with designer vintage. If you wear it right, no one will even know it's vintage (unless you want them to, of course)!

This vintage Chanel necklace gleams in gold. Draw attention to your assets by wearing a V-neck dress with a perfect length necklace. Add this striking Givenchy heart necklace to your holiday pantsuit. This will add a stylish feminine touch to pants. PS Don't forget the heels!!

Pair a chunky Christian Dior necklace with a strapless number. This will draw the attention to your face and collarbone. Skip the big earrings and bring all the attention to the neckline. This stunning silver Yves Saint Laurent necklace would evoke glamour when paired with bold colors. Think red, black or green. Avoid pastels and greys if you want the necklace to "pop".

Add vintage and add glamour to your holidays!


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